Spirit Lives and Grows

T…………..I am so proud of you! Not worrying of being short now R u? I love your strong spirit. LOL…its funny, its the spirit that ive seen in your Aunt J. I wish there were some way to make this all better. The only thing that keeps me alive somedays is the thought that someday we will be together….Your a great person…never try and be someone your not….you rob others of knowing you…and you attract people that love you for something your not.

Living Monument

This is my living monument to my children. Im not sure how you wandered here….but if your one of my children…I love you. Read on.

This is a place for me to post info and thoughts for my kids….as I cannot see them anymore. My simple crime is being a transsexual….In Indiana I guess that is a strong enough crime to warrant you not to see your own flesh and blood. I have done nothing wrong….and will continue to fight ….