Blog Issues Be Gone!

Well, I think I’ve solved my blogging issue. For the longest time I have wanted to be able to blog/post to my website but it’s a pain in the ass to then go over to LJ and reformat the post…then put in any LJ coding and then finally post! I was using Movable Type and an LJ crossposting script, but it wouldn’t let me post the personal posts “friends only” on LJ. Well that little problem is solved. gifted me a version of Pmachine (which I really appreciate) but it had the same LJ limits as far as crossposting. For some reason I went back and messed around with my WordPress install and actually found a plug-in that will allow me to pick all the variables that I have on LJ and post straight to LJ from WP. So now I just need to recode my pages into WP. The next job after that is to move all my domains over to miss ‘s servers. She’s taught me so much about shell access and I truly appreciate it. Thanks Marina!

There is still many things to manipulate, but I think this is gonna work for me!

Wish me luck!

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