My Sweet Children

T-Hows it hangin? Hope ur doing well, ……I know ur doing well, I hope ur staying out of trouble 🙂

N-Your account will be opened this weekend. If you want to access it, I am sending the info to Moms.

D-Hows my girl? I miss your hugs. I miss your voice. I just miss you…..

“Zoe Jane”
by Staind

well i want you to notice
to notice when i’m not around
and i know that your eyes see straight through me
and speak to me without a sound

i want to hold you
protect you from all of the things that this liife has in store for you
i’ll always love you
the way that a father should love his daughter

when i walked out this morning
i cried as i walked to the door
i cried about how long i’d be away for
i cried about leaving you all alone

sweet zoe jane

so i wanted to say this
cuz i wouldn’t know where to begin
to explain to you what i have been through
to explain where your daddy has been

sweet zoe jane

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